Feeling too lazy to write a new post on your WordPress blog? Well, I have a solution for you: Postwriter.

Postwriter is a plugin that uses Markov chains to generate new content, based on your past posts. The result is something halfway between ranting gibberish, and your own writing style.

Where to get it

Download it, or fork it on GitHub.

How to use it

Postwriter Generate Box After you install the plugin, a new panel (“Postwriter – Generate Random”) will appear on the “New Post” page in your WordPress dashboard.

Just click “Generate Post” to fill out your new post with randomly generated text.

Postwriter does not automatically publish your post; it just populates the new post page, allowing you to review, edit or trash the result if you are unhappy with it.

Tweaking it

If you’re interested in tweaking the parameters, there are two knobs you can twist:

  • “Chain by” lets you choose the way your source material is broken into pieces; either into individual characters, or whole words. Generally, chaining by characters allows for more random output, but may produce gibberish non-words in the mix. Chaining by word produces less random results, but will only ever reproduce whole words you have used before.
  • “Chain length” lets you choose how many words or characters to use in each chaining step. The shorter your chains, them more random your results are. If you turn the chain length up too far, you may find that Postwriter will reproduce old posts whole.